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I'm so glad you're here.

I'm a writer, doodler, educator, advocate, and special needs/medical mom working to build the world all of our children deserve.


I write things that make both kids and adults feel, think, and act. If you're a fan of feelings and doodles, check out my weekly newsletter.



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More About Me

I'm a former elementary school educator and librarian whose career took an unexpected turn when my first child was diagnosed with a rare, incurable, and catastrophic disease called Dravet syndrome. Consequently, in the years since I’ve worn many hats: caretaker, nurse, educator, advocate, fundraiser, and writer. After many years of sharing our family's journey on social media and studying the craft of effective nonprofit advocacy as Director of Family and Caregiver Engagement with the Dravet Syndrome Foundation, I’ve now invested carefully in learning the craft of children’s books. I'm a fierce advocate for special needs and medically complex children and their families. My mission is to create books that not only highlight the unique challenges faced by children living in medically complex families, but to encourage all children and adults to live more caring and empathetic lives. 


I’m an active member of SCBWI, 12x12, and three author-illustrator critique groups. I'm a 2022 graduate of Jolie Steky’s Write for Kids series and was recently awarded a scholarship for underrepresented voices for the Eastern PA SCBWI’s 2022 mentorship program under award-winning author Katey Howes.

My portfolio includes several picture book manuscripts that span all genres but typically touch on the themes of perspective and empathy. I am also a student of illustration and am actively working on both fiction and nonfiction texts. 

When I'm not writing, doodling, advocating, or medical-momming, you can find me bingeing true-crime, listening to emo music and audiobooks, or dancing around with my kids. 

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